10-Year-Old Cat With Expressive Eyes Finally Found Her Forever Home

They say that cats choose their owner, and Daisy Austin can guarantee it’s 100% true. Two years ago, she worked as an adoption coordinator at an animal hospital in California when she got chosen by Marmie, a 10-year-old cat found on the streets in poor condition. Although Austin had a 16-year-old feline at home, she gave the poor feline a second chance.

Unfortunately, Marmie’s health isn’t the best, but she doesn’t let anything stop her, because now she has a forever home and a mom who loves her.

“Her will to live is unbeatable. Every doctor that has examined her and seen her history is amazed. She loves cuddling while drooling all over me, loves to play and follow me everywhere, all around the apartment,” Austin told Love Meow. “If I’m in the kitchen, she’s on the counter staring at me. If I’m in the closet, she’s watching me fold clothes. If I’m on the couch, she’s on my lap.”

Marmie also has an Instagram account where her mom regularly posts images of her adorable face.

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