100 Huskies Caused Chaos in a Shopping Mall After Escaping Pet Cafe

A pack of 100 huskies recently unleashed their energy and playfulness onto a shopping mall in Guangdong Province, China. The dogs escaped a local pet cafe and decided to use the mall as their playground, causing chaos.

The videos shared on Chinese social media show huskies running around and barking, leaving shoppers in complete confusion about what is happening. The pet cafe staff can be seen trying to gather the dogs and bring them back, but the pack is only interested in enjoying their newfound freedom.

According to the South China Morning Post, one of the customers forgot to close the door of the pet café after walking in. Once the dog noticed there was nothing stopping them from going outside, they went for it.

 he staff of the pet café, with the help of passersby, managed to gather most of the pack quickly. Several dogs were better at evading capture attempts, but they were brought back within an hour as well.

Despite the scenes of chaos, huskies actually didn’t cause any damage; they were just running around and enjoying occasional pets. Once they returned to the pet café, they were treated with “delicious chicken legs” as a reward.