2 Husketeers of Instagram Are the Cutest Thing We’ve Seen All Week

There’s no way you can stay mad or angry when you see pets as cute as these adorable huskies! Undoubtedly, pets are one of the things that make life so much better. If you can’t keep one in your home right now, there are still ways to enjoy them and one of them is the Instagram page of these two beauties.

Nika and Kira live in Madison, Wisconsin with their owners, Kaitlin and her husband Jonathan, and they have a very popular Instagram profile with nearly 200,000 followers.

“Nika is such a loving and caring dog. She’s pretty laid back except when it comes to her squeaky toys as she’ll hoard those in her bed,” Kaitlin told Boots and Arrow. “Kira is VERY energetic and needy. She does laps around Nika and picks on her like any little sister-from-another-mister would do.”

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