200-Pound Mastiff Developed a Friendship With a Local Mailwoman

It’s no secret that dogs don’t like mail workers or delivery drivers. They take their job of keeping the house safe seriously and view everyone outside their family and friends as intruders. However, this didn’t stop Fronky, the 200-pound English Mastiff, from developing an amazing friendship with a local mailwoman named Shaun.

Fronky’s Instagram page is filled with videos of adorable encounters between him and Shaun. As soon as the dog sees the mailwoman, he rushes to the front gate to greet her. He then receives a treat or some cuddles.

According to Fronky’s human Eileen, this unusual friendship started when Fronky was just seven weeks old. The two immediately hit it off and have developed a special relationship.

The dog waits for Shaun to come every morning and becomes quite restless when she’s late. But once the mailwoman is there, Fronky doesn’t waste time showing how excited he is to see her.

“It just makes me so happy that every day he has this great moment of happiness in his life to look forward to with Shaun,” Eileen told The Dodo in a recent interview “Shaun sort of has become part of our family.”

Check out more encounters between Fronky and Shaun below.