3 Mind-Blowing Facts About Lizards

Photo by Ádám Berkecz on Unsplash

Lizards, those scaly friends who scuttle across rocks and up walls, are more than just ordinary reptiles. These creatures are an incredibly diverse and fascinating part of the animal kingdom. Here are three facts about lizards that will give you a whole new respect for these remarkable reptiles.

Lizards Can Detach Their Tails

One of the most dramatic survival strategies in the animal world belongs to lizards: tail autotomy. When threatened by a predator, many lizard species can voluntarily detach their tails. This decoy maneuver distracts the predator and allows the lizard a precious chance to escape. 

Some Lizards Can Walk on Water

The basilisk lizard, often dubbed the “Jesus Christ Lizard,” has an incredible ability to run on water. Thanks to its specially designed feet and unique stride, the basilisk can sprint approximately 5 feet per second across water surfaces!

A Variety of Parenting Styles

While many reptiles are not known for their parenting skills, some lizard species go the extra mile to ensure the safety and well-being of their offspring. For instance, the female five-lined skink guards her eggs fiercely until they hatch. Other species, like the Australian skink, give birth to live young—a rarity in the reptilian world—and protect them for extended periods.