3 Things You Didn’t Know About Bats

It may sound unbelievable, but bats make up one-fifth of all the mammals in the world. With a population so big, it’s natural that there are more and less popular species and some of them are pretty insane. Did you know that some bats catch fish and others build tents?‌ Here are three things you didn’t know about bats.

The Smallest Bats

The smallest bats in the world belong to the Kitti hog-nosed species – this species is also among the smallest mammals in the world. A bat is just over an inch long and lighter than a penny. The species is native to Burma and Thailand.

Some Bats Sing to Attract Mates

The males of several species use singing to attract mates, and it’s just as complex as the singing of songbirds. They follow certain patterns, but also make their tunes unique by using various styles.

Some Bats Eat Scorpions

Desert long-eared bats feed on scorpions, among other things. They are native to parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle east. In order to catch a scorpion, a bat attacks its head and doesn’t run away from some stinging.