4 Benefits of Living With Cats

Cats are a popular pet choice for many reasons. They are more independent than dogs, which works for people who spend a lot of time outside. Different breeds (as well as individuals) show different characteristics so there’s a perfect cat for anyone. While some felines seem to be grumpy and selfish, others are cuddly and loving.

Here are five benefits of living with cats that have been proven over and over again.

They Help You With Depression

Getting a cat can be a huge help with minimizing stress and dealing with depression and anxiety.

They are Great Company

Cats are usually the best choice for people who live alone, as they provide much-needed company without being too dependent.

They Help Patients With Alzheimer’s, Autism, and ADHD

Though there’s no official data to support this, numerous examples show that thousands of patients lives have improved after getting a cat.

They Teach Children Responsibility

A cat is all you need if you want to teach your children to be responsible and how to take care of an animal.