4 Biggest Dangers For Cats in the Summer

Summertime can be difficult for pets. Dogs are often hot and they try to find a puddle to cool themselves, but what are the main problems for cats?


Cats shed their winter coat and it commonly forms hairballs that they can ingest. To prevent this, comb their fur regularly and practice regular bathing and grooming rituals. Cats don’t really need haircuts, but if your cat is used to it, you can take it to the groomer for a trim.


Human sunscreens can be harmful for cats if they lick the product. There are specialized sunscreens for dogs on the market but not for cats, so consult your veterinarian for the best brand to use.


Hot weather gets to your cat, too. Take action immediately if you notice panting, as cats don’t typically breathe with an open mouth like dogs do. You can cool down your cat by wetting their abdomen, ears, and paws with warm water and turning a fan on.


Cats can get bitten or stung by an insect outside, so call the veterinarian if this happens.