4 Differences Between Crows and Ravens

Photo by Ahmed Fahmi on Unsplash

Birdwatchers can spot a difference between a crow and a raven in a heartbeat. But for regular folks, this is a bit more challenging task, considering that these two birds look remarkably similar. This is why we decided to bring you the four key differences between crows and ravens that will help you identify them with more ease.


The main difference between crows and ravens is their size. Crows are smaller than ravens, measuring 18 inches in length and having a wingspan of 39 inches. Ravens, on the other hand, typically measure 25 inches and have a wingspan of 47 inches.

Tail Shape

Another foolproof way of differentiating crows and ravens is by looking at their tail. Crows have fan-shaped tails with feathers of approximately the same length, while ravens have wedge-shaped tails.


If you can’t have a good look, maybe you can hear them well enough to spot the difference. Crows have a distinctive “caw” call, while ravens produce a variety of different sounds described as “croak.”

Social Behavior

Finally, crows and ravens exhibit noticeably different social behaviors. Crows are usually found as part of a large group, while ravens prefer to spend their time alone or in pairs.