5 Facts About Tiny Chevrotain

Image by Uspn (Bjørn Christian Tørrissen)/Wikipedia

Did you know that there’s an animal that’s known as mouse-deer? Chevrotain is a tiny creature with a round body and long, thin legs that oddly resembles a deer while being a size of a mouse. Here are some facts about it.

It Belongs to Separate Species

This animal is not a deer, nor a mouse. It belongs to its own family called Tragulidae.

Its Weight Varies

Chevrotain’s weight can be anywhere from 4 to 33 pounds, depending on the species.

There are Many Kinds

Its family is divided into to genera, but there are many variations of chevrotains. They all looks similar enough that they can be recognized as such.

They Have Pointy Fangs

Long, sharp fangs are chevrotain’s main weapon.

They Usually Hide

Chevrotains are small and relatively fragile, so they spend most of their time hiding from the world. They communicate with smells and noises and often come together only to mate.