5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sharks

Sharks are powerful and scary creatures that lurk in the dark cold seas and most people are terrified of them. The fact is, sharks are not that dangerous and once you get to know them, you’ll learn to appreciate them too. Here are some surprising facts about these sea monsters that will make you realize how amazing they actually are.

They’ve Been Around For a Long Time

Based on some fossils found in Australia and the United States, scientists believe that first sharks appeared around 455 million years ago. This means they’re actually older than dinosaurs! Amazing, right?

Sharks Don’t Have Bones

It’s surprising that these powerful animals actually don’t have bones. Instead, they have cartilage that makes up their skeleton.

Sharkskin Feels Similar to Sandpaper

You probably imagined that shark skin is similar to fish. But, no! Sharkskin is made up of tiny teeth-like structures called placoid scales which is why it feels similar to sandpaper.

Not So Dangerous

Statistics say that for every person killed by a shark, 25 million sharks are killed by people on an annual basis. These scary, large sea creatures are not so dangerous, after all. Most sharks are actually harmless, and they won’t attack a human being on purpose.

“Garbage Cans” of the Sea

Did you know that tiger sharks are also known as the “garbage cans” of the sea? Why, you ask? Many odd objects have been found inside of their stomachs, including tires, gasoline tanks, and license plates.