5 Unbelievable Jellyfish Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

Most people are aware that jellyfish can glow in the dark and have a deadly sting, but there are probably many facts about them you’re not aware of. We’re bringing you five fun jellyfish facts that are 100% true, despite sounding pretty unbelievable.

No Vital Organs

Most living creatures can’t function without brains, hearts, lungs, or bones, but not jellyfish. They don’t have any of these organs, but they do possess an elementary nervous system with receptors that help them navigate in the water.

Mostly Water

Jellyfish don’t need any of these organs because they’re 95% or more composed of water, and that’s one of the reasons why they evaporate so quickly when washed ashore.

600 Million Years Old

It’s believed that jellyfish are one of Earth’s oldest living organisms and have been in existence for at least 600 million years after surviving all the major mass extinction events.

Immortal Species

Turritopsis dohrnii are known as immortal jellyfish because it can restart its biological clock. In reality, even these species don’t get to live forever after succumbing to predators or disease.

No Tentacles

Tentacles are one of jellyfish’s most recognizable physical traits, but certain species, such as Deepstaria, can function without them.