A Bernese Mountain Dog Named Luna is so Spoiled When it Comes to Entering the Car

Most dogs love car rides. Whenever they see the car door open, they will immediately jump in the seat regardless of whether you intend to take them along or not.

One Bernese Mountain Dog named Luna also loves to take car rides with her human. However, unlike other dogs, she will not get in the vehicle straight away. Instead, she is so spoiled that she expects to be picked up by her owner and placed on the back seat despite weighing over 140lbs.

Luna’s owner recently shared a couple of viral videos on TikTok in which he documented the laborious process of getting the dog to enter the car.

Luna’s owner explained in the comments section that Luna is otherwise quite an energetic pupper.   

“I feel your pain brother, lol, my Strawberry Pyrenees is the same way! Come to think of it my Pointer is too … they can jump up to things as high as my shoulders but can’t get in the vehicle,” user @misty_r_p commented.

“Exactly, she’s jumped over the couch before, but no help with the car,” Luna’s owner responded.