A Brand Dedicated to Vizslas? Count Us In!

If there’s one thing we love more than dogs is supporting small businesses that support dogs. This week we’re happy to feature Trotting Dog, a brand dedicated to funny Vizsla cards and personalized gifts.

Based in the Isle of Wight (a small island about 2 miles off the South Coast of England) Trotting Dog was founded in 2017 after Vizsla owner, Marianne, crowdfunded and self-published a children’s book featuring illustrations of her loveable pup.

“Last year I decided to do one of the things on my ‘life list’ and write a book!” Marianne further explained in an interview for the printed blog. “Vintage fashion and dogs are two of my passions so it seemed sensible to combine them.”

Having gained some traction through her book, Marianne then created some cards and postcards from the illustrations. “They became so popular with people that my business selling doggy cards and gifts began,” she explained.

Most of the brand is naturally dedicated to Vizsla dogs, but other breeds feature as well. “My dog collection is growing as I add more and more breeds which is very exciting,” says Marianne.

Show her and her pups some love on Instagram!