A Classic Case of Cat Imposter Brings Chuckles to TikTok Users

TikTok users were recently left in stitches by a viral video that documented a classic case of cat impostor. In the clip posted by TikToker Brandon Robert, he and his girlfriend can be seen getting ready to watch television alongside their cat Rado. However, before they managed to pick out a show, they look outside and notice a feline that looks just like Rado.

“Babe, look at the cat outside. That looks like you Rado, is that your brother,” Robert’s girlfriend says at one point.

The couple then looks at the cat they have inside their home and figures out it is an impostor. Some random feline actually came into their home and spent a few hours pretending to be Rado while the real Rado was outside waiting for his owners to let him in.

The video ended up becoming wildly popular on social media, receiving 110 million views since being posted in December. This prompted Robert to share a follow-up clip in which he provided more details about the incident.

It turned out that the impostor got quite comfortable at their house, being there “2.5 to 3 hours” and didn’t show in any way that he wasn’t Rado. Robert added that the mix-up probably happened because he wasn’t wearing his glasses while also providing a side-by-side comparison of the two cats.



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