A Disabled Cat Becomes the Best Foster Dad Ever

Hubble is an adorable rescue cat that has a huge heart. He is being a foster dad to many baby kittens. Unfortunately, he does have some health issues; he has radial hypoplasia and is FIV positive, however, it doesn’t stop him to be the best foster dad out there.

“He came from a past that we really don’t know much about,” his owner shared on The Dodo. “The woman in the front of our neighborhood woke up one morning and found 16 cats in her backyard. She started a kitty project within the neighborhood and he was on the site. But nobody was interested in him.”

However, there was still hope for Hubble, when his now-owner decided to adopt him. That is when he went from being feral to now being a father.

“When I started to foster, I would put the kittens in my bathroom with a baby gate up and he would just lay there in front of the baby gate,” she added. “And he would sit and watch the kittens and the kittens would come up to him. I was really in shock!”

To see more of Hubble, check out his Instagram page.