A Frightened Dog Transformed Into a Happy Pup After Being Fostered

Rocky Kanaka describes himself as a dog person and he is the founder of a small business called The Dog Bakery. When Kanaka decided to foster Homer, the canine was so scared that he didn’t even move.

“In order to take Homer home and foster him, I want to make sure that he trusted me,” Kanaka shared on The Dodo. “So what I did is I sat next to him on the grass to see if he will let me pet him. I was there for at least an hour…But it was all worth it.”

When Homer finally warmed up a little bit, Kanaka was able to take him home, however, the next morning was also rough; the doggie was still frightened. Until one morning everything changed.

“It took him two and a half months to wag his tail,” he added. “And it’s quite an experience to see that happen.”

If you are curious to see more of Homer, have a look on Instagram.