A Gift Brand Dedicated to Animals? Count Us In!

Chances are you’ve come across a Susie Ghahremani illustration without even knowing it. An award-winning illustrator and exhibiting artist, Ghahremani is also the designer and illustrator behind the popular and whimsically illustrated gift brand Boygirlparty. Consisting of more than 300 products, Boygirlparty can be found on shelves of independent boutiques and galleries as well as retailers such as Mod Cloth, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom.

But though the products vary, the subject matter tends to center around the same theme: nature and animals. “Nature is always inspiring to me,” Ghahremani relayed once in an interview with Pikaland, “whether it’s a walk in the woods, or watching close-up as a ladybug purposefully climbs around a leaf. I always feel a surge of inspiration after spending time outdoors, especially if it’s a place I’ve never been before where I can tune in surprised at everything I see.”

Woodland critters, household pets, and other wild animals feature frequently in her work, commercial or otherwise. Her uniquely illustrated and functional paper goods are what Flavorpill calls “The indie, start-up version of Hello Kitty,” while BuzzFeed calls Boygirlparty “a shop you wish you knew about sooner.”

Based in San Diego, California with her husband and zillions of pets, Ghahremani also makes picture books which tend to feature, you’ve guessed it, animals. Her advice to other aspiring artists? “Know who you are & what your work feels like before you jump in! I see many young artists trying to follow in other established artists styles and what not, and it’s just very sad to see for all involved.”

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tl;dr: these are ALL the new pins! shop.boygirlparty.com + buyolympia.com longer take: this summer has been an unusual one, moving out of our home of 13 years and other unexpected life changing things. we're not quite fully moved back in, but now i'm working with the focus and serenity of truly enjoying my desk with the chattering of finches in the background. one of the many joyful things that came out of working away from home this unusual summer is this new collection of pins i made in collaboration with my friends at buyolympia! you can get it on my site shop.boygirlparty.com or on their site buyolympia.com — and they're carrying it exclusively at wholesale! so if you're a store looking to carry some artist made stuff, message me and i'll hook you up with all the links. and another joyful thing: the summer pin fundraiser raised $1000 for the humane society! don't worry if you missed it, i'm ready to do another – are you? keep an eye out for my instagram story and i'll announce it when it's available. this one will aim to raise $1000 for @yosemiteconservancy as they recover from fire damage to the park. and this one will have other stuff, too, like journals and notepads. on a related joyful note, i'm aaaaaaaaaalso right now working on what i'd classify as a dream project and another dream project. two dream projects! more about that soon. new book #BalancetheBirds comes out oct 2. lotsa local events up on the calendar on my site, including maker faire here in san diego oct 6+7, a book launch at @goldleafsouthpark on october 20, a secret surprise to announce with my friends at @owlcratejr soon, and lots and lots of new designs coming soon. and the launch of a patreon where i share more of my art process and art experience?! it's been a happy time here at boygirlparty and i'm grateful to have unexpectedly shaken things up a bit. sometimes the best things come from unexpected change. #boygirlparty #lifeofanartist #RSindieshop #flashesofdelight #thatsdarling #livecolorfully #pingame #thehappynow #abmlifeiscolorful #livethelittlethings #creativityfound #nothingisordinary #makeyousmilestyle #sandiegoblogger #sandiegoartist #shopindie #pinsofig

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