A Group of Turtles Approaches a Violinist to Enjoy His Music

TikTok user and violinist Clejan recently headed to his local park and decided to do some violin practicing by the pond. But it didn’t take long for his tunes to attract an unusual audience.

In a recent video shared on social media, Clejan can be seen playing a composition titled “Let’s Go,” which is a remix of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” for a turtle that is swimming in the pond. Suddenly, more turtles emerge from water and approach the musician, forming a sizeable audience.

“Just call me the turtle whisperer,” Clejan wrote in caption of the video that received 6.8 million views since being shared back in May.

Clejan’s violin concert for turtles ended up delighting the TikTok users, who shared how impressed they were in the comments section.


“pied piper but with turtles and a violin,” another added.

Encouraged by his success with the turtles, Clejan also tried to play his music to other animals in order to see how they will react. He shared a follow-up video that sees him playing for a cow and it turned out that she was also quite fond of his tunes.