A Rare Albino Whale Spotted Off The Coast Of Mexico

An extremely rare white whale has been spotted swimming off the west coast of Baja California, Mexico. The amazing footage was filmed by Manuel Gonzalez, who was out on a boat with his friends, four of them being marine biologists.

“At first we thought it could be a very whitish grey whale, but in this case, it was a 100 percent albinism,” said Gonzalez, a tour guide and scuba instructor. “When I saw this whale, I couldn’t believe that my dream was coming true.”

Whale-watching tours are very popular among tourist in this region, so why is this news so significant? Because this is only the third time that this magnificent creature has been spotted in this area.

In 2008, the animal was spotted for the first time, and then again in 2017. It was nicknamed “Galón de Leche”, or “gallon of milk”, but it’s still not certain if this is the same animal.

Albinism is a genetic abnormality caused by an absence of the melanin and is generally considered rare in most animals.