A Trapped Raccoon Gets Rescued by Firefighters

One morning, while on his way to work, a guy named John Moore saw something really unusual; a trapped raccoon.

“I was like, ‘OK, that’s weird!’ On my way to work I noticed a little head poking out and it was a little, young raccoon that was frantically trying to free itself from that storm grate,” Moore shared on The Dodo. He called help immediately, and the firefighters came over thinking it would be an easy fix.

“They just had one of their guys bring over some dish soap and kinda poured it all over the neck of the raccoon, trying to push the raccoon back through the grate the way that it’d come up,” he added. “It quickly became clear that it was far too stuck for something simple like that to work. So they pulled the storm grate out of the ground and tried pushing it out that way while pulling it from the other end.”

Finally, the raccoon was free and two days later, it got released back into the wild.