Abandoned Chameleon Pascal Finds a Loving Family

It is always heartbreaking to see pets being abandoned by their owners. However, thanks to goodhearted animal lovers, some of these tragic stories end up having a happy ending.

Earlier this year, staff of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB), an animal shelter based in Tampa, Florida, found a tiny veiled chameleon in their lobby. Someone simply left it there inside a shopping bag.

The chameleon seemed in bad shape, so the shelter’s reptile expert took it to their home in order to nurse it back to health. After being shown some love, the chameleon, now named Pascal, quickly returned its colors and energy. This prompted HSTB to place a social media ad in an attempt to find him a new family.

“She is very friendly but not a beginner reptile pet! She eats live crickets, needs a lot of space for climbing, and requires humidity to get hydration and thrive!” wrote HSTB in the advert.

The HSTB social media followers were instantly charmed with Pascal. The chameleon didn’t lack suitors and ended up being adopted just a few hours later. A local family with reptile experience responded to the advert and didn’t hesitate to give her a loving home.

“Since being home, Gloria has updated that Pascal loves her new extra-large enclosure with the proper humidity and branches to crawl around in and loves being a part of the Brooks family!” shared HSTB in a follow-up post.