Abandoned Gecko Has an Incredible Transformation After Being Showered With Love

TikTok user Ellen Rutz recently shared a video on her profile that serves as a perfect example of how a little love and care toward animals can make all the difference. The clip shows her nursing an abandoned gecko back to health, with the reptile going through an incredible transformation as a result.

Back in October, Rutz’s sister found a gecko in a local park and didn’t know what to do with it. She contacted Rutz, who told her to bring it by. The animal was in poor shape and looked like it had gone through some bad times.

Rutz initially wanted to get the gecko to a professional, but since it was the weekend, there was no open clinic nearby. At this point, she decided she would take care of the tiny fellow by herself. She got him to drink water and eat, and the gecko started regaining his strength back.

After confirming there was no owner looking for him, Rutz decided to buy a tank for the gecko, now named Leo, and make him a part of the family. She continued to nurse him, and it wasn’t long before Leo got his energy and colors back.

Rutz documented the process and later shared it as a video on TikTok. It received close to 20 million views, with other users being amazed by Leo’s transformation.

“He has a healthy weight, his [colors] are coming back, and he just acts like a normal leopard gecko,” Rutz told The Dodo in a recent chat.

Leo is now living his best life while Rutz regularly gives updates on his adventures on her TikTok.