Abandoned Pitbull Now Live a Happy Life

Carson is a super-happy Pitbull who is now living his best life. Sadly, that wasn’t always the case. He was abandoned by his prior family and taken to a shelter. But soon, his future mom found its way to him; she saw a video of Carson being really sad and shaking in his crate.

“He was really attached to me. He’s a sensitive dog like he loves to snuggle. Every opportunity he gets he just climbs right up in my lap. And trust me, there is not enough room for a 60-pound dog,” Carson’s mom told The Dodo. “I’m trying to work from home at my office desk and he gets annoyed that I’m not paying him enough attention.”

Unfortunately, the dog has some skin issues and allergies, but now he has the best family and enjoys all the attention he is given.

“He just wants love from everyone. People want to give him attention, he will gladly return it,” his mom said. “Sometimes I look back at that video and I’m like, ’How is this even the same dog?’”

Scroll down and check out some of Carson’s adventures below.