Abronia Lover Shannon is Inviting You Inside Her Reptile Room

We’ve seen many reptile keepers find viral fame on Instagram, and Shannon of Reptile Room is one of the very best. She loves sharing her impressive collection with the world, and we’ve seen her take care of many lizard breeds, but Abronias are her all-time favorite species.

Shannon is an exotic reptile keeper and small breeder based in Michigan, and it’s been five years since she first invited us inside her reptile room. She enjoys posting photos of her endless lizard collection, in addition to sharing useful tips and tricks with other reptile owners.

Shannon decided to start her Instagram page in an attempt to connect with the larger community of reptile lovers who enjoy the company of lizards as much as she does. Her knowledge about reptiles significantly grew over the years, and we’ve seen her take care of many different species, but Abronias remains her favorite, and she’s a member of Abronia Alliance, an organization dedicated to the conservation of this spicies.

“I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life. The fact I’m not working with them yet full-time still baffles me… I just got into Abronia about a year and a half ago, and I don’t think I’ll ever look back,” she wrote on Instagram back in 2021.