Add Some Whimsical Critters to Your Instagram Feed

Illustrator and graphic designer, Nina Stajner, admits that if she wasn’t making her living through art she would probably be a pet bunny breeder or a fawn whisperer. Which makes sense judging by her work.

Known for her delicate style of illustrating, her work features tender, whimsical, and furry cute animals colored in soft, earthly colors. According to Stajner, she enjoys painting these characters the most, capturing their minute details (from fur to whiskers).

Each illustration begins with some preparations, through animal studies or observation of animals in real life, after which a lot of sketching is done. The final painting is made mainly with watercolors and gouache, as well as colored pencils, with some digital finishing touches.

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Stajner also runs her own Etsy store. In an interview with Lake she reflected that her dream project would include drawing bunnies, squirrels, fawns, and hedgehogs for paper products. “Like greeting cards, wrapping paper, planners, and other similar things,” she noted. “Drawing and designing, having that creative control over the product line. And not having a tight deadline or problems with people who will help you execute your idea. A dream project would be a non-stressful one.”

Inspired by the children illustrations of illustrators like Beatrix Potter and Lisbeth Zwerger, Stajner’s work will remind you of the joys of childhood. Show her some love on Instagram.