Adorable Border Collie Sits At the Table With Humans Hoping to Get Some Bacon

Dogs don’t need to spend much time with humans to figure out how our world works. They are also quite good at adapting to it, as a recent viral video shared on TikTok shows.

The video, posted by @sausagesoxandsteve, shows an adorable Border Collie pup named Steve trying a new technique to get some food. Being attracted by the smell of bacon, Steve decided to sit at the breakfast table with humans in hopes he’d get served a plate.

“Steve could smell the bacon and thought he would try his luck. Again,” @sausagesoxandsteve wrote in the caption of the video while adding that the pup “thinks he’s human more and more every day.”

It was obvious that Steve’s humans were quite entertained by his attempt, so we want to believe he got a big portion of bacon for brightening their day. And we are not the only ones. Other TikTok users also hoped that the dog got treated for his efforts.

“Good lad Steve. Hope he got a large portion,” one user wrote.

“Aww beautiful Steve! I hope he got at least a wee sausage!! His table manners are perfect,” another added.