Adorable Flower Crowns Turn Cats and Dogs into Fairytale Creatures

When he created an Instagram profile for his Australian shepherd Freya, San Diego-based college professor Yarely wanted to make her photos stand out among those from other pets. During one photo-shoot, he figured he could make her a flower crown and have her pose with it.

After receiving lots of positive feedback from social media users, Yarely decided to try and make flower crowns for other people’s pets. When this turned out to be a success, he started Freya’s Floral Company and got more involved in his intriguing hobby.

Yarely uses fake flowers to make the crowns, but this doesn’t make them less beautiful. It just ensures that they last longer. He also takes custom orders while paying attention to the uniqueness of his work.

“I make a max of three duplicates of each piece upon request only.” –  Yarely says on his website. “Each remake has variations of flower and placement. I want each piece to still be unique and because some flowers may not be available.”

Check out some of his awesome works below.