Adorable Newfoundland Hank Gets a New Makeover Each Day

If you enjoy seeing fashionable animals, then you’ll love this Newfoundland named Hank. This adorable dog gets a new makeover each day by his creative owner Hannah Heil and then proudly rocks it on social media.

According to Heil, she started experimenting with Hank’s look while being in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. At first, she would just fix him with different hairstyles, but she quickly got other entertaining ideas.

Heil started incorporating clothes into Hank’s makeovers and would give him a new one each day. This included her own fashion creations as well as recreating popular looks from TV shows and movies.

According to Heil, Hank enjoys these activities and is a good sport when it comes to being patient.

“Hank is a Newfoundland, and exemplifies that breed. He has an overwhelmingly calm and relaxed disposition,” Heil told My Modern Met in a recent interview. “When we are giving Hank his little β€˜makeovers’ he will sit up and pose, and usually try kissing you the entire time. We cannot take much longer than 5-10 minutes on each pose, because once the drool starts it’s game over!”

Check out more of Hank’s fashionable looks below.