Adorable Video Shows Baskets Full of Baby Kangaroos Enjoying the Morning Sun

An adorable video featuring baby kangaroos enjoying the morning sun has recently melted the hearts of social media users.

The clip was posted by The Kangaroo Sanctuary, located in Alice Springs, Australia, and shows a group of orphaned baby kangaroos aka joeys snuggled in pillow case pouches and resting in baskets lined with colorful blankets. Some joeys are still sleepy, while others are eager to capture every ray of sunshine that hits their face.

“Baskets of our orphan joeys in their pillow case pouches enjoying the morning sun, “The Kangaroo Sanctuary wrote in the caption of an Instagram video that received close to 400K likes.

After watching the video, Instagram users rushed to the comments section to share how much they enjoyed it.

“love their little jumper feet sticking up in the sun, too—very comfy,” one person wrote.

“The only time I’d approach a laundry basket with joy,” another added.

Some internet users were even envious of the baby kangaroos for getting to snuggle in a basket and peacefully enjoy a moment in the sun.

“I wish I were a baby kangaroo in a basket in the sunshine,” one Instagram user stated.