Adorable Video Shows Puppy Introducing Himself to Newly Hatched Chicks

It isn’t unusual to witness inter-species friendships among domestic animals. Since they don’t need to guard their territory and don’t rely on hunting for food like their wild counterparts, domestic animals are usually nice to each other.

The latest example of this is an adorable video that was recently shared on YouTube by Rumble. The clip shows puppy Charon getting introduced to newly hatched chicken. The cute German Shepard is first curious about the chicks and he turns to his sniffing senses to learn more about them.

After realizing they are not a threat, Charon goes into game mode. He playfully bites them, and pushes them around, before lying on his back and pretending he’s dead. It isn’t long before he “resurrects” and continues to be entertained by small chickens.

Check out this sweet video below.