Airport in Louisville Introduces Pet Therapy For Nervous Flyers

Flying is definitely the most convenient way of traveling long distances, but not all people are excited about getting on a plane. This is why Louisville’s Muhammad Ali International Airport decided to provide pet therapy in order to help nervous flyers.

In collaboration with Wonderful Animals Giving Support (WAGS) organization, the airport will now feature a pack of adorable dogs who will roam the airport and provide comfort for stressed passengers. The dogs, who received extensive training prior to the start of the program, will be accompanied by handlers and will be available for petting and play before and after the security checkpoints.

According to WAGS’ founder Linda Laun, traveling can be a stressful experience for many people due to an array of reasons and her organization hopes that the company of dogs will help some of them relax before boarding the plane.

“We have people that are traveling home for family illness or death, military that’s being deployed — maybe children that are being transported from one custodial parent to another,” – said Laun. “So not everyone here is happy. And they need especially a little extra comfort and stress relief, and a little sunshine.”

As of now, WAGS and their cute four-legged members will be at the Muhammad Ali International Airport two or three days each week. The airport officials, however, are hoping to expand the program further in the future.

You can check out more details about this story in the video below.