Alfie the Dachshund’s Has His Own Postcard Collection

Not long ago, people used to send postcards every time they’d travel and there was something pretty special and unique about this form of communication. Today you can send a photo in a matter of seconds, however, having physical evidence from your travels is a completely different feeling.

There are individuals who still appreciate finding a full mailbox and they’re here to remind us of this forgotten hobby. Take for example Alfie the Dachshund who lives in Essen, Germany and is the star of his own postcard collection.

This adorable dog is a model who’s featured on postcards that you can buy and send to any person in the world. Receiving a postcard with a picture of this cute dog would make anyone’s day better.

Until you put a stamp on the postcards, you can take a look at Alfie’s Instagram page – he’ll put a smile on your face!