Alix Fuerst’s Realistic Pet Portraits Will Have You Doing a Double Take

Alix Fuerst has been drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon, and her paintings have gotten more realistic over the years. She’s now using her special skills to draw amazing colored pencil pet portraits that look just as adorable as the real thing.

Fuerst’s passion for art has followed her since her childhood years, and she decided to pursue it further by getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNC Greensboro. She experimented with many different techniques over the years and found her true calling when she fell in love with colored pencils.

Nature has always been Fuerst’s main inspiration and she often painted the pets around her. She enjoyed capturing their beauty and unique character so she decided to offer her services to other animal lovers who wanted their beloved pets drawn realistically.

“Using your own photographs and the highest quality materials, I create realistic hand-drawn portraits of your beloved pets and family members. These are personal keepsakes that can be cherished for many years to come,” she writes on her official website.

In addition to giving many pet owners cherished memories through her paintings, working on commissions allowed her to challenge herself and inspired her to be more patient and step out of her comfort zone.