Amazing Mashups of Animals and Daily Objects

There are photographers who specialize in wildlife photography or taking pictures of cats and dogs. There are also artists who have a wild imagination and use pictures to create something completely different.

A French communication agency called Les Créatonautes, which consists of a group of incredibly talented designers, use their sense of creativity to transform some daily objects and animals into magical compositions.

In their intriguing photo manipulations, elephant’s heads turn into mushrooms, a dangerous snake is seen as internet cable, and a rhino is transformed into a bus on legs. What is the message behind these creations?

“The world is in permanent change, it is in a transformation,” said Olivier Grossmann from Les Creatonautes in one of his interviews. “This transformation, often invisible, sometimes unexpected, is inevitable. Living organisms, landscapes, technologies, societies: everything changes constantly, at different rates. From this observation, we decided to transform the world in our own way.”

These creative people have given us a chance to observe animals and the entire world from a different perspective, so don’t miss the opportunity to see this.