Amazing Pet Portraits by Erica Eriksdotter

Erica Eriksdotter is a Sweden-born artist who paints amazing pet portraits that capture the personality and emotions of animals in the perfect way. This talented artist actually worked as a PR for years, but she quit her job to become a full-time painter.

Painting was Erica’s passion ever since she was a little girl and she sold her first painting at the age of 10. Now she specializes in pet portraits and she’s an expert in capturing their spirit and immortalizing that special bond between pets and their owners.

“I ask my customers to provide me with photos of their animal, which often includes long emotional emails filled with tales of love and loss. I love those emails. I review the photos and “tap into” their furry friend’s likeness and personality. I let the pet’s character come to me,” Eriksdotter explained her creative process in an interview for My Modern Met.

Check out Erica’s Instagram page to see more of her amazing artwork.