Animals Are Taking Over Cities in These Amazing Photo Manipulations

People have been hunting animals and destroying their natural habitats for centuries and as a result, many animal species are now facing extinction. Fortunately, there are still individuals who are trying to change this situation and help animals in need.

Art is certainly one of the ways we can express our opinion about everyday problems and that’s exactly what Russian artist Dima Dim did.

He decided to turn the tables and create a series of artwork in which animals are doing pretty much the same thing that we’ve been doing to them for centuries. Wolves, pandas, bears, giraffes, and many other species are invading our cities in Dim’s photos and it seems like some of them are trying to take revenge on us.

These unusual photo manipulations look so real and stunning and they’re a treat for every animal lover out there.

Check out Dim’s photos below and make sure to follow him on Instagram.