Archie the Dog Likes to Steal Stuff

Archie is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based doggie who loves to steal stuff around the house. With more than 109 thousand followers on his Instagram profile, Thieving Archie, is a true criminal mastermind. It all started with a dropped remote.

“One day we just dropped the remote,“ Archie’s owner shared on The Dodo. “We just sort of put it down, he picked it up and he just sort of trotted away with it. So, we thought it was so cute. But then he got bigger and faster and we couldn’t get it back.“

Archie loves to steal all kinds of stuff, from the remote to a magazine, he doesn’t care, as long as he keeps his mom laughing.

“He does this thing where he’ ll take whatever it is and instantly we’ll hear his paws kid of tapping on the floor,“ she added. “He’s also looking for trouble constantly. Sometimes I feel frustrated, but then I remember, like, he gives such unconditional love that you just can’t get mad at him. There’s worse things in the world. He’s definitely brought a lot of joy into our lives. For sure. And a lot of comedy, too.”

Scroll down and check out Archie in action.