Artist Creates Funny Comics About Cats and Dogs

Animals can be the biggest inspiration in the world, especially if you have a pet of your own. An artist named Beanie also finds her inspiration in pets, mostly in dogs and cats. Even though she doesn’t have a pet at the moment, she’s obsessed with animals and that’s why she’s creating funny comics about cat and dogs.

“Pets make our lives brighter and I love capturing cute moments with them that I notice in real life,” the artist told Bored Panda.

“I do not have a pet of my own currently but I really want a dog so I am always on the lookout for cute dogs on the street. I draw comics about the ones I see around as well as the wonderful pets I used to have growing up.”

Beanie added that she really hopes she will have a puppy of her own one day and then she will draw comics about him as well. We hope her wish will come true because we can’t even begin to imagine how funny her comics will be, once she has her own dog as inspiration.

Check out Beanie’s adorable comics in the photos below and make sure you follow her on Instagram.