Artist Creates Amazing Paintings Inspired by Birds

Saara Katariina Söderlund is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Finland who absolutely adores birds. All of her gouache paintings are inspired by these fascinating and beautiful creatures that Söderlund finds so inspiring.

This talented illustrator lives in the countryside with her husband and two dogs and she loves spending time outdoors and observing birds with her binoculars. As a bird lady, as she likes to call herself, Söderlund enjoys doing research and learning new things about her favorite animals while preparing for new projects.

“Birds are so fascinating. There are so many different species, and the spectrum of colors, shapes, patterns, and sounds seems endless. I also find age-old mythologies behind birds interesting. In so many cultures they have been used as an explanation for countless questions,” the artist explained in an interview with Flow Magazine.

Check out Söderlund’s artwork on her Instagram page and follow her for more inspiration.