Artist Creates Beautiful Handcrafted Butterflies

Larysa Bernhardt is a textile artist who lives in Blackwell, Missouri and makes incredibly beautiful and intricate needlepoint butterflies. This creative woman has been collecting all kind of textile treasures over the years, so eventually, she decided to put it to good use and she created these unique artworks.

If you take a look at Bernhardt’s Instagram feed, you’ll notice that each butterfly is unique in its own way. It’s like the artist tried to tell a different story with each of these beautiful creatures, as she likes to call them.

“Ukrainian originally, I’ve been sewing as long as I can remember and beautiful vintage and antique textiles accumulated over many years are continued source of inspiration for me. I don’t remember when it morphed into what it is now, I think it was my husband always joking that we cannot have moths in the house full of antique textiles,” wrote the artist in one of her posts on Instagram.

Check out her incredible creations in the photos below.