Artist Creates Paper Birds to Raise Awareness About Endangered Species

Niharika Rajput is a talented artist who creates intricate and life-like birds with the mission of spreading awareness of endangered species around the world.

After experimenting with different materials such as fiber and wire mesh, she realized that the best way to replicate the texture of birds’ feathers is to use the versatility of paper. She starts the process of creating these adorable birds by making a sketch. After she’s done with the assembling process, Rajput uses acrylic paint to add all the details.

However, before she even thinks about starting a new project, Rajput spends some time studying the anatomy of the bird.

“As an artist I find it almost impossible to compete with nature’s sophisticated mechanisms and designs,” the artist said in an interview with Colossal. “I have taken this project on, to reach that level of perfection which can be applauded with a great sense of wonder by my audience and also acts as a reminder of what’s out there and needs to be protected.”

Check out her amazing artwork in the photos below.