Artist Hides Animal Silhouettes Inside These Cool Stamps

Florian Marait is a French illustrator and designer who recently presented an intriguing project that will appeal to both animal lovers and stamp collectors. How is this possible, you ask?

Well, Marait decided to create a series of postage stamps that feature minimalistic landscape designs on the front. However, inside every design, he also decided to hide animal silhouettes.

The silhouettes are carefully placed and blended with the overall design so you might not notice them at first. But once you do, you will be impressed.

According to Marait, he started the project with an intention to raise awareness about the endangerment of animals.

“I created these illustrations of various animals inside that are both present and absent. I think the small size of these illustrations adds to the fragility of these species, ” says Marait.

Check out more of his stamps below.