Artist Illustrates Most Famous Cat Memes on the Internet

Image via tactooncat/Instagram

Cats are unofficial animals of the internet. Whether it’s on social media, in the news, or on YouTube, the chances are that some kitty will be starting at you with its adorable eyes through your screen.

Cats are especially prominent in the meme community and cat memes are something you can always enjoy no matter how many you’ve seen before. Inspired by this, Instagram artist tactooncat decided to illustrate some of the most famous and viral cat memes on the internet in his recognizable style.

Despite being simple and cartoonish, tactooncat’s illustrations manage to perfectly capture the emotions of cats while also translating all the appeal from the original meme.

This is best visible in the recreation of the meme that shows a police officer writing a ticket to one unfortunate kitty. You would find tactooncat’s drawing equally funny even if you never saw the original meme. And if you did, you get to enjoy the added playfulness.