Artist Imagines a World Where She Understands Cat-Speak

How many times have you tried to understand your cat? Unfortunately, in reality, humans can’t speak cat language, nor can cats talk to humans. However, one artist made it possible in the world of art.

Susie Yi is a self-taught illustrator and the person behind the comics called Cat & Cat Comics which follow the adventures of a cat named Mickey, and Susie, a girl who understands cat language.

Yi began drawing her comics in 2018 during a drawing challenge where artist from all around the world drew something every single day for the entire month.

“I started this webcomic in mid-October 2018, after years of only drawing intermittently,” Yi shared with Bored Panda. “I’d been feeling discouraged about making art, especially when I’d come back home from work and look at all the existing art out there — it was all at once inspiring and daunting to try to pick up my pen again.”

Scroll down and check out her drawings below.