Artist Inserted Her Cat Into Famous Paintings And It Blended Perfectly

Image via fatcatart/Instagram

Svetlana Petrova is an artist and curator from St. Petersburg, Russia. She has a 9-year-old ginger cat named Zarathustra and together, they created an amazing project called, “Fat Cat Art.”

Zarathustra is a natural-born model, making adorable poses and charming facial expressions. Petrova photoshops her tabby cat to fit perfectly into famous paintings’ digital image. Sometimes it takes months to get the right photo.  She would print her works and paint them to make her cat’s image blend flawlessly into masterpieces of iconic artists of the past.

Petrova revisited more than 150 paintings and wrote a book “Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude” that appeared in English, Chinese, Korean, and soon, in Japanese edition too.

“His Furry Majesty”, as what Petrova would call him, introduces the history of art in a cute and funny way, giving people new meanings to the famous artworks.

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