Artist Makes Adorable Wool Toys You Will Love

Crafter better known as Yast Anna on Instagram is well-known for her creations. She has been making adorable wool toys for about three years now. According to the Russian artist, and mother of two children, she was intrigued by the wool toys and the technique they are made of.

“My first toy wasn’t nearly as pretty, it was rather funny, but I enjoyed the process so much that I kept trying,” Crafter shared on Bored Panda. “I was felting during my free time, even at night, and I got better with each toy I made. Slowly I began receiving my first commissions.”

Birds, bats, hedgehogs all made of wool made the artist popular on social media. Nowadays, she shares her beautiful toys on her Instagram account where she has attracted over 14.6 thousand admirers.

Scroll down and take a look at her creations below. Do you have a favorite?