Australian Breed of Bees Don’t Sting And Build Amazing Spiral Hives

Oh, Australia.

What exactly is it about you that you have become home to all sorts of dangerous and cunning creatures?

From countless sharks to saltwater alligator, box jellyfish, and the eastern brown snake, Australia is home to some of the deadliest creatures in the world. But, we’re talking about Australia right now, not in the context of it being home to dangerous creatures, rather, because of how a unique species of bee calls it home.

The Australian breed of bees known as the Tragonula carboonaria, or the Sugarbag bee, are native to Australia and are quite unique.

Unlike other bees who have the ability to painfully sting you once threatened, these bees don’t sting. Not only that, but the swarms create one of the most unique structures in the animal kingdom as they create spiral hives that are truly amazing to watch.

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