Baby Seal Joins Group of San Diego Surfers and Tries to Catch Waves

Surfers at one beach in San Diego, California, have recently welcomed a new member to their group. One baby seal is joining them on a daily basis and tries to catch waves on a surfboard with them.

The seal, named Sammy, approached the surfers on one occasion back in June out of curiosity. He stuck around with them the whole day and later started showing up regularly.

It turned out that Sammy had a keen interest in surfing, so the surfers decided to teach him a few tricks. Soon, the baby seal was riding the surfboard like a pro.

Sammy’s favorite activity seems to be jumping on snowboards for noserides, although he sometimes attempts to catch waves by himself.

Digital creator Ed Hartel, who captures footage of Sammy during his daily surfing sessions has shared some of the backstory in a recent chat with The Dodo.

“The first week, Sammy stayed for hours,” Hartel revealed. “Now, he just makes those morning appearances. He would just lounge in the sun. The second week, he took to sitting on the noses of the longboards.”

The surfers don’t seem to mind Sammy’s company and are gladly letting him join them. Who knows, maybe he will become a new surfing star of San Diego if he continues with the hard work.