Beagles Louie and Marie are Social Media Stars

If you love Beagles, you want to know more about them, or you simply need more photos of these adorable pooches on your Instagram feed, then thebeaglelouie is the account you should follow.

The stars behind this mega-successful account are Louie and Marie—two lovely Beagles who live in Belgium with their owners. The lovely duo has more than three million YouTube subscribers who follow them on their adventures and also 19 thousand more followers on Instagram.

Louie and Marie’s dad says that Beagles are loving, friendly dogs and they love to play with everyone, even with burglars. So you might want to choose a different breed if you need a guard dog.

“Louie is relaxed, laid back and really enjoys life. He likes walks in the rain, cold, he doesn’t care. He just wants to go out for adventure,” their owner said to Hello Bark. “Marie is very cuddly and she loves sleeping on top of you under a fleece blanket. She hates rain and swimming pools!”

Unlike other, smaller dogs, Beagles need a lot of exercise. Louie and Marie’s dad takes them out for a long walk every evening. “You’ve got to make sure they are tired by the end of the day or they will get naughty,” he says.

Take a look at these funny, adorable Beagles in the photos below and make sure to follow them on their adventures on social media.